Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick extends Instagram call invite to Filipina fan

“Gossip Girl” alum Ed Westwick talking to a Filipina fan on Instagram live - Facebook/Tara Miano-Zapata

MANILA: Ed Westwick, famously known as Chuck Bass in the American series “Gossip Girl,” talked to a Filipina fan via an Instagram live call recently.

What seemed at first to be an ordinary morning for 48-year-old Tara Miano-Zapata became a day she won’t forget as she received a call from the Hollywood actor on Thursday (Feb 22).

Sitting in the comfort of their car’s backseat, having just dropped off her daughter at school, and preparing to head to work, Tara accepted an invitation to join Westwick’s Instagram live, expecting there would be other fans who would be joining them in the call.

“I just got an invite to join the IG live. I guess, yes, he initiated it. I thought I [would] just be in the room just like everyone else but after he opened to the followers for a few minutes, I was surprised to see myself on screen with him already,” shared the HR officer to INQURER.net.

Despite being a long-time fan of the “Gossip Girl” actor, it was Tara’s first time talking to him like that. She regarded their 15-minute Instagram conversation as “random and sweet” and shared how the actor remembered his experience when he visited the Philippines in the past.

“The convo was mostly when I said I’m from the Philippines and he reacted right away saying he was here as a brand endorser during the Gossip Girl era and he cannot forget how hot it was at that time. He said he will always remember Filipinos for our warmth and big smiles. I also asked him to come back soon and [he] said, ‘Sure, one day.’” recalled Tara.

As the Filipina fangirl recalled the beautiful, surreal moment, she stressed that Westwick handled their conversation with such sweetness and charm, even when she thought she had already ended the call but accidentally did not.

“Still in shock I was blabbing to Glenn (her husband) that Ed Westwick and I were on IG live and then I heard a voice saying, ‘My love don’t forget to leave the live,’ I was still online, got panicky, too embarrassed, I just turned off my mobile phone just like that,” she narrated.

When asked what words of inspiration she can share with other fangirls and fanboys who are also hoping to have that kind of moment with their idols, Tara said that they should just “be ready” for the moment and “be themselves.”

She also noted that it was also a matter of chance and luck, so for the people who are also dreaming of talking to or meeting their idols, even virtually, one should just have faith that it will someday happen.

“Ed Westwick happens to be that kind of celebrity who reaches out to fans, replies to comments on IG and often goes live. So really I guess it was a series of chance events and one day it just happens. Serendipity. We will always remember the serendipitous moments, the turn of events that happen spontaneously,” said Tara. - Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN

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