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Waste dumping needs global solution

IN the short span of time since China banned the import of 24 categories of recyclable waste last year, South-East Asia has become the top destination for these materials, a high proportion of which comprises various forms of plastic.

Indonesia to send back waste

Jakarta: Indonesia says it will send more than 210 tonnes of garbage back to Australia as South-East Asian nations push back against serving as dumping grounds for foreign trash.

Talking trash in Shanghai

THE minds of the Shanghainese are filled with “trash” as the city starts its garbage separation rules.

Shanghai citizens out of sorts over new trash separation rules

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Household trash has occupied the minds of Shanghai residents this week: specifically, are the contents of their bins "wet", "dry", "hazardous" or "recyclable"?

DoE gets tough on e-waste

EXCLUSIVE: The government wants to make it mandatory for consumers to send certain unwanted electrical and electronic items to places licensed to handle e-waste.The proposed change in the law aims to reduce harm to the environment and public health when such waste is not disposed of properly.

War declared on world's growing e-waste crisis

Weighing more than all commercial airliners ever built and worth more than most countries' GDP, electronic waste poses a growing economic and environmental threat, experts said Jan 24, as they launched a global initiative to clean it up.

NGO: Not enough done to educate patients on safe disposal of needles

A LOCAL non-governmental organisation has raised concerns on public awareness on the proper disposal of used syringes and needles.

Working together for a cleaner world

FROM Oct 22 to Oct 24, an important world event, which took place at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, almost went unnoticed by the general public.

Illegal recycling operation near Prai River shut down

BUTTERWORTH: Located far from the prying eyes of the public, an operator has been carrying out recycling activities illegally for over a year near the Prai River.