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Dear Thelma: He says he loves me but he stifles and scares me

Two girls are facing the issue of controlling boyfriends, and it is making them most miserable. What should they do?

Are artificial sweeteners good for our health?

Many people who give up sugar use artificial sweeteners instead, but are these substances good or bad for our long-term health?

Dear Thelma: Girls keep rejecting me ... what am I doing wrong?

For Juini, life is empty and lonely as he has failed to get a girlfriend since young. He wonders if he is destined to be single for life ...

Late bloomers

Last night I arrived late for Caring’s 25th annual dinner celebration at Berjaya Times Square. I did use the excuse of horrendous traffic but it was really my own fault for not starting earlier from home. But I also had the excuse of not being able to wear my bow tie (which took 15 minutes) because the last time I wore one was during my own wedding years ago. As you can guess by now, I am wearing a new tuxedo, recently made and 30 years apart from the first one.

Spooky stories from the Hungry Ghost Month

In conjunction with hungry Ghost Month, here is a compilation of five spooky stories: The Forbidden Room, The Faceless Ghost, She Wanted A Ride, Sinister Cloud and 30-day Haunting.

Dear Thelma: My husband is abusive and I’ve fallen for another man

Confused And Heartbroken stays on in a loveless marriage and endures the mental and physical torture meted out by her husband, for the sake of her child. But now, she has met another man who makes her feel loved.

Overcoming the shortcoming

I read with interest the articles you posted a few weeks ago addressing issues of the average size of the penis and I feel very self-conscious about my own “asset in the pants” and constantly feel very “short-changed”.

Dear Thelma: My parents put a lot of pressure on me financially

Broken-hearted Girl is facing tremendous pressure from her parents to buy them a new, flashy car, when she is trying her hardest to put herself through higher education and saving for the future.