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(Second from left) Du lich and Lam dep marketing representative George Adams and Mediviron UOA owner and Aesthetic Physician Dr Chen Tai Ho flanked by Trade Counselor of Vietnam in Malaysia Huong Thi Lien (left) Ambassador of Vietnam in Malaysia Prof Nguyen Hong Thao at the signing ceremony held at Novotel Hotels Kuala Lumpur on Nov 18.

MEDIVIRON UOA Clinic recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Vietnam-based Du Lich and Lam Dep to bring in patients seeking aesthetic treatments from Vietnam to have their procedure done at the clinic.

Du Lich and Lam Dep itself is a partnership with Nip and Tuck Solutions Pty Ltd of Australia.

Mediviron founder and aesthetic physician Dr Chen Tai Ho said the partnership was in line with the Government’s efforts to promote medical tourism in the country.

“By working in partnership across national boundaries, we will capitalise on each others capabilities to conduct services that have a global impact and provide aesthetic opportunities that neither of the partners could provide on their own,” said Dr Chen, adding that Mediviron UOA had a global reputation for aesthetic excellence.

He said Malaysia’s competitive edge lies in quality medical facilities, skilled doctors and affordable pricing, apart from the existence of tourist attractions.

“This would be our first time tapping into the Vietnamese market. Currently, 50% of our clients are Malaysians, while the rest are from the US, Europe, Singapore and the Middle Eastern countries,” said Dr Chen.

He added that the services offered by Mediviron UOA are distinctive from cosmetic surgery, as it is focused on enhancing an individual’s aesthetic goals through non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures.

The partnership is set to bring in its first batch of aesthetic tourist early next year just in time for Visit Malaysia Year 2014.

With that, Dr Chen said the company hopes to achieve 10% to 20% growth from its current revenue.

Meanwhile, Du Lich and Lam Dep marketing representative George Adams said Vietnam was one of Malaysia’s top 15 tourist- generating markets.

“A survey showed more than 90,000 Vietnamese tourists travel to Malaysia every year and with this plan in place, we hope to bring in 20,000 medical tourists to the country in the next couple of years,” said Adams, adding that the number of tourists who sought medical treatment in the country was currently minimal.

“Malaysia has its advantages when compared to other countries like South Korea or Thailand. Its medical and health standards are high and in terms of cost, it is still cheaper compared to Vietnam itself.

“In addition to that, it has all the current and modern up-to-date facilities, apart from impressive five-star hotels and high-end shopping centres located within the vicinity of the clinic,” Adams added.

When asked about other packages that Du Lich would be offering to the patients, Adams said this would depend on their requirements and it would design the packages according to their individual needs.

“Our main focus is to ensure that patients are located within the vicinity of the clinic and that they would stay on during the recovery time,” said Adams.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Vietnamese ambassador Prof Nguyen Hong Thao and trade counselor Huong Thi Lien.

Established in 2001, Mediviron UOA Clinic is a premier aesthetic centre licensed and regulated by the Health Ministry, where each treatment can only be carried out by a team of highly-skilled experts.

The team of doctors supported by the industry’s leading technologies and world-class facilities have treated clients from both local and regional markets.

Du Lich and Lam Dep are part of the Nip and Tuck Solutions Company of Australia and a partnership with Thuy Linh Beauty Company Limited of Hanoi, Vietnam.

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