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Three Nazris turn up in court

KOTA BARU: A judge, an accused and a lawyer in a corruption case found themselves sharing the same name.

Mohd Nazri Mohd Noor claimed trial before judge Nazri Ismail in the Sessions Court here. Lawyer Nik Noor Nazri Nik Soh represented the 46-year-old trader, who was charged with attempting to bribe a policeman in a drug and homemade weapon possession case.

Mohd Nazri is accused of offering RM5,000 to Kpl Hadi Hasan as an inducement to release him and his friend Md Akbardarr Md Ridzan, 31, when they were caught in Kampung Seligi, Pasir Puteh, about two weeks ago.

Mohd Nazri allegedly handed over his ATM card together with the PIN inside a patrol car, while on their way to the Pasir Puteh police station on July 5.

Bail was set at RM5,000 in one surety and Mohd Nazri posted bail.

If found guilty, Mohd Nazri can be fined five times the amount of the bribe, jailed up 20 years or both.