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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Gift of speed for the departed

Head-turner: The paper Lamborghini scaled after the real car.

Head-turner: The paper Lamborghini scaled after the real car.

A PAPER effigy craftsman made a golden Lamborghini sports car out of paper for a family in Penang to burn this coming Chinese All Souls Day (Qing Ming), Sin Chew Daily reported.

The mock car costs RM16,800 and was scaled after the real model. Craftsman Lin Zhao Wei, 26, from Sungai Petani, Kedah, arranged for a six-wheel lorry to deliver the paper car to his customer.

Lin said a funeral services company in Penang approached him with the order.

With the help of a friend Xu Rong Yao, 30, who specialises in computer technical design works, he spent a month making it.

Lin previously made a mock Porsche. “I also received orders for super bikes, yachts, aeroplanes and bicycles.

“Organisations approach me for effigies, too,” said Lin, who makes the effigies at his house in Taman Intan.

He learnt the art from a relative.

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