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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Avoid those annoying callers

NO one likes getting bombarded with phone calls from pesky telemarketers. There are also days when you receive an international call and have to struggle to identify the country code of where the call is from. Fear not, there are apps for that.

This week, we feature three useful caller apps that have free caller identification and another which can record your calls while calling.

Contactive (Android)

This app collects information from your social media networks, publicly available sources and Contactive’s Global Directory to show who’s calling before you even answer the call.

Contactive also allows users to merge contact information from their social networks for an address book that is updated in real time.

The features are user-friendly and I like the “customise your dialpad” feature for easy access to your important contacts.

CIA is short for Caller Identification App.

CIA (Android, iOS)

CIA is short for Caller Identification App. This is similar to Contactive and you will get to see when other CIA users have marked a caller as spam too.

If you don’t want to answer a particular call, you can send callers to voicemail. You can use the ‘Call Blocker’ feature to divert calls from withheld numbers straight to your voicemail. You can also add specific numbers you want to divert.

The app recognises popular numbers from crowdsourcing. While it still has some problems giving results before answering, it is great for checking unknown callers and new contacts.

Call Recorder can record your calls automatically while calling, organize your records and you can view all your calls with options by time, group by names or group by dates.

Call recorder (Android)

As a journalist, this app is very useful to record important conversations during phone interviews.

You can record your calls automatically while calling, organise your records and view all your calls grouped by time, name or date.

You can playback or save your call to mp3 files on your SD card.

However, if you are using other apps (eg: WeChat, LINE or voice recorder) to record calls, Call Recorder might not work, says the developer.

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