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Up the ante on service delivery

EVERY state and Federal ministry in Sarawak must issue a directive to departments and agencies under its purview to be strict with service-delivery scorecard that is used to monitor the progress of public projects and services.

Some departments are still very slow in delivering projects and services.

These delays, for whatever reasons, are causing much inconvenience to the public.

Recently, a Penan housewife who lived in Ulu Baram, told me she had been trying for the past one-and-a-half years to apply a birth certificate for her baby girl.

She visited the Miri National Registration Department repeatedly but had been told that the department was unable to resolve problems relating to her marriage certificate, which was issued by her village chief.

Is this really a problem for the woman? If it is not, why did the authority take so long to resolve this case?

Surely the department could have worked out a quick-fix solution to the woman’s woes with her marriage certificate and issue her baby’s birth certificate.

This is not the first time I hear complaints about excessively long delays in solving personal document woes, especially when rural native folk in Sarawak are involved.

The ministries in charge in delivering public amenities and services to the rakyat must look into these issues.

Department and agency heads must make sure that their staff carry out their duties promptly. There must be no delay in resolving cases, especially those involving birth certificates, identity cards and citizenship.

Besides resolving personal identification woes, the authorites must ensure utility and basic infrastructure projects such as electricity and water supply are completed as scheduled.

These projects must be properly undertaken and delivered to rakyat’s satisfaction.

Shoddy will only cast a bad image on the public sector, at the end of the day.

Prolonged delays in ammenities projects will have adverse effect on the part of the government and jeopardise its mission to take good care of the rakyat’s welfare.

That is why a directive must be issued to all departments and agencies to be strict with the service delivery scorecard and to closely monitor project schedules.

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