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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Beefy bowl of noodles at New Seaview

This bowl of Ngau Yuk Fun is as good as it looks.

This bowl of Ngau Yuk Fun is as good as it looks.

New Seaview coffeeshop in Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya is a makan place that needs no introduction.

From politicians to the man on the street, many people have made their way to this landmark.

I recall how a well-known Opposition leader and his supporters would regularly have their makan at this coffeeshop.

The lunch crowd. 

Seaview is famous for its hawker stalls, namely the pork noodles and a rojak buah stalls.

My buddy Alfa Charlie had told me about a ngau yuk fun (beef noodles) stall in the coffeeshop.

Eh Samo, you must try la, its quite good,” he said.

The last time I trusted my good friend, a coffeeshop owner in Petaling Jaya threatened to sue me.

Why? Because I gave their iced coffee a negative review as it was too sweet.

I found the stall located in an obscure corner of the shop and ordered their "special".

The stall is called “Cow Brothers” and their noodle dishes are priced from RM7 to RM12 a bowl.

Beef is pretty pricey, it’s hardly a surprise to see food prices skyrocketing.

I waited patiently for my noodles to be prepared and was pleasantly surprised with the size of the portions served.

My bill came up to RM14 for the ngau chap fun (tendon, beef and tripes noodles), but there was no cause for complaint.

Why? The food was really good!

I found the beef broth to be rich in flavour.

Ngau Yuk Yeen or beef balls as a side order.
Beef meat balls, best with chilli sauce for that added kick.

This stall has one of the best Ngau Yuk Yeen I’ve tasted in a long time.

And the extra “kick” comes with the chilli sauce that got me sweating.

On the Samo-scale, I would rate this ngau yuk fun stall at 8.9 out of 10.

Later, I asked the stall owner whether she opens late and learned that business hours are from 11am to 2pm.

The woman who prepares the noodle dishes said she was from a Hakka clan that originated from Seremban, Negri Sembilan.

Apart from ngau yuk fun, the stall also serves tai pou run (Hakka noodles with minced pork) and I hope to taste it someday.

New Seaview coffeeshop (GPS N 03°06’37.3” E 101°37’38.0”) is located off Jalan 20/7 in Petaling Jaya and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is the writer’s personal observation and not an endorsement by Star Metro.

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