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Why Not? by Dorairaj Nadason

Heartless deeds driven by greed

The tales of the suffering have been told, the gross negligence, exposed. Now, it’s time to go after the trafffickers, camp guards and the officers whose palms were greased before this monstrosity happened.

Tho Xin Yi
Shad Saleem Faruqi
Star Says

The Star Says by The Star Says

Time to stop the heartless predators

WE should be horrified. Actually, we should be horrified and ashamed. No, we should be horrified, ashamed and puzzled that 28 transit camps for migrants and 139 mass graves were found this month in the jungles near Wang Kelian, Perlis.

Joceline Tan

Analysis by Joceline Tan

Famous sons rise in Youth wing

They are known as ‘anak Tok Guru’ or the offspring of the religious scholars and they are about to take the PAS Youth wing by storm.

Azmi Sharom
Wan Saiful Wan Jan
IKIM Views
Joceline Tan
Martin Khor
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