Martin Khor

Global Trends by MARTIN KHOR

Obama's visit and the TPPA

UNITED States President Barack Obama will be in Malaysia soon. Among the issues on his agenda will be the current status of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

Soo Ewe Jin
Wong Chun Wai

On The Beat by Wong Chun Wai

A matter of principle

No one could stop Karpal Singh from speaking up on what he believed in. He did not care if he was taking on the prime minister or even a sultan. He had taken on all of them.

Star Says

The Star Says by The Star Says

Don't let more people die in vain

THE darkest hours of the night and the wee hours of the morning – it is in these nocturnal hours that death waits at every bend and corner on our roads and highways.

Bunn Nagara
Joceline Tan

Analysis by Joceline Tan

Battle for No. 2 post hots up

The temperature is rising in the contest for the PKR deputy president post which is the most intense and aggressive in the history of the party.

Tho Xin Yi

Why Not? by Dorairaj Nadason

Death of a hero, birth of a legend

The death of Karpal Singh is a sad, sad thing. But what’s sadder is the dearth of humanity – that there are those who can celebrate the death of a fine man, or that they can incite others to hate just because they share the same views.

Joceline Tan

Analysis by Joceline Tan

Opposition divided over hudud issue

A dream is about to come true for PAS which is pushing Parliament to give the nod to implement hudud law in Kelantan but its coalition partners are having nightmares about it.

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