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In defence of Merdeka

Independence has been achieved, yet has to be constantly defended, continuously renewed and expanded as the process of de-colonisation is on-going and new threats arise.

Soo Ewe Jin
Bunn Nagara
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Let’s keep the Spirit of 57 alive

THIS year, more than any other year, there is a yearning for the Spirit of 1957 to fall upon our land. In the weeks leading up to today – which marks the 57th year of Merdeka – this newspaper has been running many stories and commentaries with a nostalgic feel to it.

Wong Chun Wai
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  1. Time to call a spade a spade
  2. It’s time to walk the talk
  3. Thinking about independence independently
  4. Remember, we are all Malaysians
  5. Strengthen our fading spirit