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Intolerance and religious mockery

IN Major Themes of the Quran, Fazlur Rahman says that religious truths which the secular societies of our own day find very difficult to accept are the doctrines of tawhid, scriptural revelation, the day of divine judgment, moral responsibility and “ends” of life.

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May the force be with the moderates

THE voices of moderation must permeate all spheres of society. We salute the well-known citizens who have taken a stand. And we also salute the many others who practise moderation in their daily lives.

Soo Ewe Jin
Wong Chun Wai

On The Beat by Wong Chun Wai

A divisive detail

IT’S a small step but the Sabah and Sarawak governments must be commended for their efforts to scrap the term “dan lain lain” or “others” in the race column in government forms.

Tho Xin Yi

Why Not? by Dorairaj Nadason

The Incredible Hug

What’s in a hug? Much more than meets the eye, say researchers. It’s therapeutic, soothing, eases stress and chases away your cares. But as we have seen, it can touch a raw nerve or two.

Shad Saleem Faruqi
Azmi Sharom
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