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Comment by Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid

Community-building calls for humanitarian action

IT is surreal, is it not, that here we are talking about an Asean community, and yet are unable to address in concert the wave of Rohingya refugees arriving in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand from the Arakan coast of Myanmar, or are being turned back into the Andaman Sea to suffer an uncertain fate.

On Your Side by BRIAN MARTIN

Let’s welcome the English teams

While football fans here have a soft spot for the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal, there’s still a lot of interest in our national side and the domestic league.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim
Marina Mahathir
Veera Pandiyan
June H L Wong
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The Star Says by The Star Says

World must come together to help the Rohingyas

AS far as media headlines go, it is convenient to label them as the new boat people. But the plight of the Rohingya and Bangladeshi refugees, or illegal immigrants, however we may want to define them, is not a new problem.

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