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Tho Xin Yi
Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

On Your Side by BRIAN MARTIN

A nod or not for the rod

While some believe corporal punishment is ultimately beneficial for kids, others are convinced that caning is tantamount to abuse. But it’s possible to strike a compromise.

Marina Mahathir
Star Says

The Star Says by The Star Says

Nip race-based protests in the bud

THE protest against the Datum Jelatek condominium project in Keramat, Ampang Jaya, may appear to be a localised problem, but the issues raised are cause for national concern.

Veera Pandiyan
June H L Wong
IKIM Views

IKIM Views by IKIM Views

Intolerance and religious mockery

IN Major Themes of the Quran, Fazlur Rahman says that religious truths which the secular societies of our own day find very difficult to accept are the doctrines of tawhid, scriptural revelation, the day of divine judgment, moral responsibility and “ends” of life.

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