Google's hardware business started gaining traction after the company released a pair of high-profile hardware products last year – the Pixel phone (pic) and the Google Home, a smart speaker like Amazon's Echo. — Reuters

Google’s search for non-ad revenue puts spotlight on cloud, Pixel

Alphabet Inc's non-advertising business, which houses its cloud unit, Pixel smartphones and the Play store, has long been sandwiched between Google's advertising juggernaut and its moonshot ventures that have captured popular imagination.

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Watson stars in a movie about how social media giants control and monitor personal information. —  Reuters

Emma Watson says The Circle brought home pitfalls of social media

28 April 2017

Emma Watson says making her new movie The Circle, about a fictitious social media giant, had been a tough and vulnerable experience that brought home issues of ethics and the boundaries of privacy in an increasingly public age.

Any online platform that lets users freely publish content will face the problem of violent and disturbing videos, but Facebook is particularly vulnerable given its huge user base, said a social media specialist. — AFP

Online videos of killings pose tricky problem for Facebook

28 April 2017

Posting a smartphone video online has never been so easy – even if the video shows a murder. After two recent cases that shocked the world, this has become a tricky but urgent problem for Facebook to tackle.

Since the restructuring, executives have learned a great deal about how to best launch the new companies, Page wrote, citing the spin-off of Waymo in December. — Reuters

Alphabet CEO touts results of corporate restructuring

28 April 2017

Alphabet Inc chief executive Larry Page said that the holding corporate structure for search unit Google and a host of new businesses has succeeded in creating more transparency for investors.

Uber said it would help fund a programme which provides benefits to those workers also willing to contribute. — Reuters

Uber responds to critics with British benefit package for drivers

28 April 2017

Drivers working for Uber in Britain will be able to access illness and injury cover under a new scheme from the San Francisco-based company, which has faced legal challenges over the way it treats its staff.

Get a Galaxy S8 or S8+ during the promo period and you’ll get a Limited Edition Starter Kit for free. — Reuters

Trade up to a Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ from May 5 to 7 (updated)

28 April 2017

To kick off the sale of the much-awaited Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagship smartphones, Samsung Malaysia Electronics will be having a three-day roadshow across the country from May 5 to 7.

Facebook is taking aim at organisations that launch coordinated campaigns to sway political opinion and spread lies by way of fake accounts. — AFP

Facebook combats coordinated campaigns to misinform the public

28 April 2017

Fraudsters spreading falsehood on social media are getting more sophisticated. Facebook Inc says it's rising to the challenge.

Lidar is a technology critical to autonomous vehicles and at the heart of the lawsuit filed by Alphabet Inc's Waymo against Uber. —  Reuters

Uber's Levandowski to take smaller role in self-driving during Waymo lawsuit

28 April 2017

The head of Uber Technologies Inc's self-driving vehicles unit will step aside from some of his duties until a lawsuit against Uber in which he is accused of stealing trade secrets is resolved.

The service will allow iPhone owners to transfer money digitally to other iPhone users. —  Reuters

Apple in talks to launch money-transfer service

28 April 2017

Apple has held talks with payments industry partners about launching a money-transfer service.

This new exercise propels Didi well above Xiaomi Inc, which held the title of China's most valuable startup.  —  Reuters

Didi seeks US$6bil funding, to become China's second-most valuable private firm

28 April 2017

Didi Chuxing, China's top ride-hailing firm, is set to become the country's second-most valuable privately owned company.

Uber says its goal is to make the cost of urban air transport comparable to its lower-cost UberX ground service, yet it’s hard to overstate how many fundamental achievements must occur first, on both regulatory and technical grounds, before anyone can summon a cab from above. — AFP/Uber

Why you won’t be flying in a taxi anytime soon

28 April 2017

The idea is certainly audacious: Thwart traffic in congested cities by flying over it. Quick, quiet, clean, cheap.

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