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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Slap reward a criminal act, say NGOs

PETALING JAYA: The move by several Malay NGOs to offer RM1,200 to anyone who slaps Seputeh DAP MP Teresa Kok has been slammed as criminal intimidation and an act of violence against women by a coalition of 25 NGOs.

Among the groups which condemned the offer included Sisters In Islam (SIS), Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (Empower), Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), All Women’s Action Society (Awam) and Association of Women Lawyers.

“While we support the freedom of expression and right of every person to peacefully assemble, a line is crossed when there is a call to violence against another person exercising her freedom of expression,” the coalition said in its statement yesterday.

The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) said the authorities should take swift action against those who promoted violence against Kok.

Bar Council Human Rights Committee co-chairman Andrew Khoo said the Malay NGOs had crossed the line between acceptable free speech and incitement to racial hatred and violence. “There is neither any excuse nor justification for what they are reported to have said,” Khoo said yesterday.

The Association for the Promotion of Human Rights (Proham) said the police should provide protection for Kok.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng urged the police to provide protection for Kok, adding that the NGOs should be investigated for incitement.

Federal Territory PAS Youth deputy chief Nurul Islam Mohammed Yusoff urged political parties, NGOs and individuals not to take up extreme politics.

Representatives of the Malay NGOs slaughtered two chickens in the open and used the blood to smear a banner with the faces of some Opposition leaders, including Kok.

Netizens, too, slammed the provocative reward offer.

User @nhafiznhazlan questioned the NGOs’ actions, asking in Bahasa Malaysia: “Which Islamic NGO would be shameful enough to offer money to anyone who slaps Teresa Kok? Is the NGO’s actions appropriate under Islamic teachings?”

Another netizen, @farishakimiazmi, said the struggle for Malay rights had its limits, adding that one should not turn one’s back on religion.

@huzaifah felt the video content was insignificant. “I’m not sure how that Teresa Kok video which is unattractive (yang tak menarik tu) can be a big threat to government and Malays. Weird.”

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