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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Thai still suffers from attack

Scars of violence: Sim showing the scars on Lily’s head.

Scars of violence: Sim showing the scars on Lily’s head.

KUANTAN: A Thai transvestite is still suffering from pain and trauma more than two weeks after being assaulted with a hockey stick and an iron rod by four youths.

The transvestite, who wished only to be identified as Lily, has since been discharged and is now recuperating at a friend’s house in Jalan Bukit Ubi near here.

She said that the vicious attack had caused her to receive 73 stitches on her head.

“I still have nightmares and I’m scared to go out of the house. I jolt awake when I hear vehicles going past. My vision and voice are also affected. I’m dizzy and my body feels weak,” she said.

Recalling the unprovoked attack in the wee hours of July 4, Lily, 33, said that she was walking back home with her 40-year-old brother after eating at a stall.

She said that two cars with four occupants inside pulled up and the group got out and started hitting her.

“One of them stepped on my chest before slashing me on the head with a knife,” she said, adding that the attack lasted about 10 minutes.

Lily said that it was only after her brother yelled out that they stopped attacking her and fled the scene while laughing loudly.

She was then rushed to the hospital in a semi-conscious state, her body covered in blood.

“The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital with my head shaven and stitches on my head. I will never forgive my attackers as I have done nothing wrong. Why pick on me for what I am?” she asked.

Teruntum assemblyman Sim Chon Siang, who paid Lily a visit, said that it appeared to be a “hate crime”.

Sim said that people should not resort to assaulting Lily due to her “condition” as she too had rights.

“She is not doing anything demeaning. She has been em­­ployed legally as a kitchen helper at a restaurant for the past three years.

“I hope the authorities will view this case seriously and take stern action against the culprits,” he said.

In a similar case last year, an attacker was arrested and later charged in court but was only fined RM400.

Sim said that those who wished to contribute financial assistance to Lily could contact Kelab Sahabat DIC Malaysia at 09-514 5575.

When contacted, Pahang CID chief Senior Asst Comm Mohd Zakaria Ahmad said that the police would investigate the case.

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