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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Star People's Food Awards: Chicken rice

Chicken rice is much-loved by Malaysians.

Which eatery sells your favourite version of this famous dish? Make a recommendation via The Star People’s Food Awards on Metro Online Broadcast (MOB) ( in June and stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

The awards are given out to the best Malaysian street food in the Klang Valley.

Each month, the public can vote for their favourite category-based street food via MOB.

This week, we feature two well-known dining venues said to serve tasty chicken rice.

A worker preparing the steamed chicken to be served to customers.
A plate of steamed chicken being prepared for customers at Restoran Satellite.


Address: Jalan Gasing 10/1, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

For tender, smooth-textured chicken, look no further than Satellite Chicken Rice Restaurant in Jalan Gasing.

Run by Alfred Kuan, 60, and his wife, Kim, the shop looks humble next to a newer and bigger chicken rice restaurant.

Although it only has a small number of items on its menu, the business has been running for more than 50 years. It was started by Kuan’s father in 1963.

Kuan started helping out at the shop when he was eight and took over after his father died in 2004.

His wife, who is of Hainanese descent, prepares the chicken daily with the help of five workers.

She modified the original recipe handed down by Kuan’s father, to make it more Hainanese.

The chicken, available poached or roasted, is loved for its smooth, not-too-salty taste.

The beansprouts, at only RM2 a serving, are plump and crunchy. Everything is prepared fresh, down to the chilli sauce and mashed ginger.

Kuan is open about his methods, “The chicken is poached for about 35 minutes before being dunked in ice-cold water right after cooking — this stops the cooking and seals in the juices.”

Kuan said the poached chicken was especially popular.

A single serving of poached chicken rice is RM6, while roasted chicken costs RM6.50. The half poached chicken is RM18 and whole, RM35, while half and whole roasted chicken costs RM19 and RM37, respectively.

TIM KEE (Non-halal)

Address: 65G Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

The chicken here is roasted using charcoal fire, which is a traditional method, says owner Danny Koh, 43.

“The taste is different when you use a charcoal stove,” said Koh, who got the recipe from a friend.

Danny Koh with his famous Tim Kee Chicken Rice. The chicken is roasted in a charcoal oven in the traditional way.SAMUEL ONG / THE STAR, 4TH DECEMBER 2013.
Danny Koh with his famous Tim Kee Chicken Rice.

The chicken is marinated with a secret seasoning for one to two hours before the skin is coated in a thin layer of marmite syrup.

It is then roasted in the charcoal oven for 45 minutes.

The result is roast chicken with a nice, golden, crispy skin and sweet, succulent meat with a hint of smokiness.

The chicken is doused with soy sauce made using Koh’s own recipe. Poached free-range chicken and sesame chicken are also available.

The yellow ginger rice is another feature of the chicken rice served here.

The yellow ginger is fried in oil before being added into the rice pot along with a little turmeric powder, chicken stock, and a secret ingredient.

Koh takes pride in handpicking the chillies for the sauce and uses an equal ratio for the ingredients, which includes garlic and calamansi lime juice.

Some of the side dishes are popular too, such as Sour Vegetable — a mixed stew of mustard green (Kai Choi), tamarind, dried chillies and roast pork.

“Another favourite is our handmade parang fish balls,” Koh said, adding that the bean sprouts were sourced from Ipoh.

The restaurant also serves various herbal soups in addition to the regular free soup that comes with an order of chicken rice.

The Pork Rib Lotus Soup is boiled with peanuts before being steamed for two hours.

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