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A love match in Kenanga challenge

Fists of love: KenTrade Challenge III participants and real-life couple, Loone (left) and Teoh, prepare to duke it out ‘virtually.’

Fists of love: KenTrade Challenge III participants and real-life couple, Loone (left) and Teoh, prepare to duke it out ‘virtually.’

THE Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd (Kenanga IB) KenTrade Trading Challenge has attracted interesting participants over the years - and it doesn’t get more intriguing than Michael Teoh and Mallory Loone of talent development solutions firm, Thriving Talents Sdn Bhd.

Not only do they handle the day-to-day operations of the company - they’re also a real life couple!

Despite coming from diverse backgrounds and claiming to have no actual stock-trading experience, the recently launched KenTrade Trading Challenge III will offer both Teoh and Loone an opportunity to best each other in a fun and safe environment.

Of course, the challenge also doubles up as a means to earn some much deserved bragging rights! Says Teoh: “When we decided to come together to compete in the KenTrade Challenge III, we thought it would be interesting to see how our different ideologies and perspectives will fare when we make trading decisions.”

Teoh, who is the founding director and lead trainer of Thriving Talents, studied marketing and international business and has no exposure to the stock market whatsoever.

His partner (and rival) Loone, on the otherhand, is a qualified Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) accountant with a financial background, and has been exposed to (though never traded in) the equities market.

Teoh likens the situation to a clash of two worlds - between an entrepreneurial and a corporate one. “As the founder of the company, I see myself as an entrepreneur who displays a unique set of beliefs, mindset and perspectives on life,” he says.

Coming from a financial background, Loone says her approach to the stock market would be different from Teoh’s.

“What I do is I analyse the numbers. My style-focus is the fast way, so by tomorrow my stocks would not be with me anymore.

“It’s gone, whether I earn or don’t earn, that’s how I am.”

Unlike Loone, who prefers to look at the company’s balance sheet when choosing her stock of choice, Teoh is more concerned with the company’s core beliefs and working philosophies. “I tend to invest in stocks that I personally like. I am an avid user of their product. For example, I go to a particular food and beverage (F&B) outlet and I would look at their menu; how they treat their customers; how they are marketing their business ... to give me a sense of the fundamentals of how the business is actually growing.

“My personal belief is that for a service type business like F&B, if you are unable to take care of your customers, your retail shops, then that clearly shows that you have some problems in your upper management.”

Teoh also says he relies on his handful of “reliable contacts” that can help him have an edge when it comes to trading stocks.

“I also rely on my connections as an entrepreneur; Mallory comes from a financial background, so she will rely on a lot of technicalities.Me, I want to make a phone call to trusted friends of mine to actually ask them for added information.”

The KenTrade Trading Challenge III will feature two stages. The first stage, which is the Virtual Trading Challenge, runs from July 31 to Aug 25, with each participant receiving RM1mil in virtual money to trade with.

Weekly winners stand to receive RM800 as first prize, RM500 as second prize and RM300 as third prize. In addition, overall winners will receive RM5,000 as first prize, RM3,000 as second prize and RM2,000 as third prize.The top 10 will qualify as finalists for the second stage, which is the Grand Challenge.

The Grand Challenge takes place from Sept 4 to 29, where finalists will trade shares with RM100,000 real cash each, by relying on live market feeds from Bursa Malaysia.

The Grand Challenge Winner is the one with the highest positive portfolio and will not only walk away with up to 50% of the gains made from the Grand Challenge trading, but also RM50,000 in cash and round trip for two to Hokkaido.

The winners will be determined by their portfolio value and the amount of cash (realised profits) they have in their accounts. The challenge is open to participants aged over 18 years old.

Being a first-time virtual trading experience for both Teoh and Loone, both participants agree that they will be facing challenges that are unique to each of them. For Loone, the challenge is to continue reminding herself that it’s not real.

“For me, it’s reminding myself that it’s virtual, and that I need to put more money inside. I’m just afraid of moving my virtual money. Even if it’s 10%, I’m already scared.

“The challenge is to tell myself that it’s alright to invest more money.” In spite of their fears, both Teoh and Loone admit that the challenge will be an exciting experience. They also concur that the end result will be a beneficial one.

“It allows me to further understand myself, my risk appetite and how to enhance it further,” says Teoh. “Knowing your risk appetite is not just limited to stock trading. It may also change the way in which I do business...to becoming more innovative and progressive.” For Loone, it’s about understanding the stock market, how it works and how to gain from it. “Earning passive income via stocks is definitely something that I need to learn more of. I’ve known the importance of it but I’ve yet to discover what type of person I am when it comes to trading.”

Teoh and Loone’s participation in the KenTrade Trading Challenge III will be more than just about learning experiences, friendly rivalry and bragging rights.

The participant that outdoes his or her rival at the end of the challenge will also get to claim a special reward against the “loser.”

Says Teoh: “I get three Nandos meals! All large! Large grilled veggies, potato wedges and no set meals!” And what of Teoh’s punishment? “I want him to iron his clothes and mop and clean the house for the entire month,” says Loone, sternly. The KenTrade Trading Challenge III is supported by Bursa Malaysia, AirAsia X , Atlan Holdings Bhd , Zon Duty Free and Duty Free International Limited.

For more information, please go to www.KenTrade.com.my or call toll free 1800-88-2274.

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