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Published: Thursday February 13, 2014 MYT 5:33:00 PM
Updated: Thursday February 13, 2014 MYT 5:34:51 PM

Selangor Mufti Dept distributes “Hukum Valentine’s Day” leaflets

KUALA SELANGOR: The Selangor Mufti Department has distributed thousands of pink-coloured leaflets advising Muslim youths against the ill-effects of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

“Youths are responding well to our campaign and they are agreeing to what is stated in the 2006 ruling by the state fatwa council,” said state Mufti Department Assistant Chief Mat Jais Kamos.

The ruling states that the practice of celebrating Valentine’s Day was never organised by Islam, and hence, Muslims are forbidden from participating in the celebration.

Yesterday, Mat Jais and a team from his department distributed leaflets titled “Hukum Valentine’s Day” to more than 500 students from Universiti ITM (UiTM) in Puncak Alam, Shah Alam. The leaflets stated that celebration was against the state fatwa council ruling.

“This is our second day after handing out leaflets to students at SMK Seksyen 9, and so far everything is going well,” said Mat Jais, who added that this was the first time that the department is conducting such a campaign.

Mat Jais said the Mufti department will be doing similar roadshows at several institutions of higher learning in Selangor.

“It is not decided which institutes we will be going, but the campaign will last until after Feb 14,” he said.

Seeing religious officers handing out leaflets outside the university, Mohd Fariq Ishq, 20, said it was the first he is seeing such a thing since joining UiTM last year.

“Usually, salesmen would be standing outside, but anyway, I think it is a good move,” he said, though he declined to elaborate further whether the campaign was of any good for Muslim youths.

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