Elizabeth and Brian Hall with their daughter Amy. According to Elizabeth, doctors have told her that Amy may be five or six before she outgrows the condition.
Home comforts: The Maskil family settle in their custom recliners with bags of freshly popped corn in their home theatre. - MCT photos
Perched on top of older buildings, the ramshackle dwellings may offer penthouse views in a city where space is at a premium, but the flimsy structures are frequently battered by typhoons and magnify oppressive summer heat. - AFP photos
Just chilling out: The wood frog has been known to freeze most of its body to last out the winter. Its heart stops beating, its blood stops flowing, and it is - at an organismal level - dead. Yet it thaws out in the spring and merrily hops away.

This little girl has Salmonella Infantis

Staying in is cool when you can do movie nights at home with the family

End of 'high life' for Hong Kong's rooftop dwellers

So cool: The 'frozen' frogs of Alaska is a real thing


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Simply modern, Guido dresses up a classic look for Celine.
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The November 2013 supper club was held in a brewery, with the dinner table set up alongside the metals vats of beer.
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