Christmas Day banquets in the Medieval ages would’ve been composed of more than 20 dishes in the past but thankfully, this has been whittled down to no more than three or four dishes throughout the ages. Otherwise, imagine how busy youd have to be in the kitchen
1. Alfred Russell Wallace survived 12 years in the tropics – including Borneo – collecting biological specimens to substantiate his theory of evolution. (Portrait, from English Heritage/Down House, of Wallace as a young man in the Malay Archipelago with two bird-of-paradise specimens.) 2. To Avi Sirlin, Wallace’s ‘biography, his narrative, were just screaming for fictional treatment’. – Aurora Metro Books
One of the bigger pieces at Hisyamuddin Abdullahs first solo exhibition at Taksu is a diptych titled Teman Rapat - OK  TAK.
Datuk V. Radhakrishnan, managing director of Universal Fitness & Leisure, with his latest kickboxing gear imported from Thailand. He is ever ready to tackle lifes many challenges.

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Lovestruck couple Sophie and Sky (Niamh Perry and Bart Edwards) taking centre stage in Mamma Mia The Musical. The duo mesmerised the audience at this hit musical, which ends its Kuala Lumpur tour today at Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre.
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Lending her strength: Pernille Ironside and her team at Unicef is helping to restore hope in Gaza with practical initiatives such as rebuilding schools and distributing aid. — Photos: UNICEF
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Diors new One Essential, an Intense Purifying Booster Serum, is enriched with red hibiscus essence and helps to reboost the skin’s energy.
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Could honeybees hold the key to reversing hair loss? - AFP Relaxnews
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Parents might find it a bit difficult to explain to young kids that Nemo’s (left) mother is eaten by a barracuda about four minutes into the 2003 animated movie Finding Nemo.
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