Prince George with Britain's Prince William and Kate Duchess of Cambridge
A better tomorrow: Lumos helps replace institutions with community-based services providing children with access to health, education and social care tailored to their individual needs.
Inherited smarts: Studies show that chimpanzees' cognitive abilities are strongly influenced by genetics. The findings may help shed light on the rise of intelligence in humans. - File photo

Prince George: Most influential one-year-old ever!

Of the 8 million kids in institutions worldwide, more than 90% aren't orphans

Ex-pro wrestler and 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' star Dave Bautista: I'm just a misfit

Smart chimps make smart babies, dumb chimps need help


  1. Grrr! Science proves dog jealousy is a real thing
  2. Ethiopian girls forced into marriage and divorce to get into the maid trade
  3. Euro pop-jazz singer Patrizio Buanne to perform with Jaclyn Victor in Sabah
  4. En garde, the baguette duel is on
  5. 'Patient, heal thyself': Shiv Yog master Avdhood Baba Shivanand Ji
  6. A colourful spread of Malaysian flavours at Cinnamon
  7. 'Haffu' stars like Rola are changing the DNA of J-pop culture
  8. MH17 Crash: Shuba remembered as being a woman full of life
  9. Rite of passage in Spain's Costa Brava
  10. Food Trail: Lou Chee Yuk, a scarce dish in modern times
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Cosmic healer: Avdhood Baba Shivanand Ji, or Babaji, thinks that the root cause of every disease is psychosomatic. Fear, hatred and sad incidents could be the root causes of diseases.
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Asha Patel, an immunology researcher, holding a collector (inset) from the Burkard Spore Trap. The trap collects pollen for a 48-hour period, which is then identified and sent out as a daily pollen and spore count to allergists, their patients and weather channels. - MCT
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Interview Tjean Nee Yeoh fory on Tupperware. 10 July 2014 CHAN TAK KONG/The Star
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