Saturday, 28 June 2014

Making the most of your weekend getaway

IT’S always good to take a break from work, even if it’s for a weekend. You get to recharge and refresh your mind, body and soul.

A good work-life balance can make a lot of difference to the quality of your life.

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed but cannot seem to find the time for a long vacation, your solution might just be a weekend getaway.

This week, Ted offers some tips on how you can make that happen and also make it worth your while!

> Just do it. Stop debating with yourself over whether you can afford the time or the trip. Go online and book that flight.

You can always drive off somewhere for the weekend but there is something about flying to a destination that puts your mind in a holiday mood!

> Stay close to home. Yes, we did say take a flight somewhere but be wise and select a destination that is in the region.

Three hours of travel time is ideal for a short trip. Keep in mind that you only have the weekend. There’s no fun in spending it in the airports!

> Keep it simple. Remember that your goal is to come back feeling refreshed and recharged.

The last thing you need from this holiday is to come back feeling like you need another one. So fly to your destination, be realistic about what you want to do and enjoy the time there.

> Pack light. All you need are some comfy clothes and your daily essentials. The less you take with you, the more time you have to do something different or to just do nothing but relax and indulge in some R&R!

> Be protected. Good travel insurance is a must for a worry-free holiday. Tune Insure AirAsia Travel Protection Plan is perfect as it covers you from the time you leave home until you return.

> Have fun! You will be back at work soon enough. Stop worrying about how everyone at home is doing or the tons of e-mails you will need to attend to when you get back. You finally have a weekend to yourself, so savour every minute of it!

Tune Insure AirAsia Travel Protection Plan covers everything from trip cancellation to lost baggage, delays and personal accidents. So be sure to get protected and leave your worries behind before you get on that flight!

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