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Tengku Amir wants complete overhaul of the FAS

PETALING JAYA: It’s time to clean up the mess!

The Raja Muda of Selangor Tengku Amir Shah Sultan Shara­fuddin Idris Shah (pic) has called for a complete overhaul of the Foot­ball Association of Selangor (FAS).

He also expressed his desire to see dedicated and experienced people take the helm at the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on Feb 23.

Tengku Amir is clearly unhappy with the sad state of affairs in the association and feels that FAS should find the right man with the passion for the game to steer the state football team to greater heights.

“The FAS need an experienced person (president) to turn around the organisation besides establishing a competent management team that focuses on football development and the interests of supporters ... ahead of personal ego,” said Tengku Amir in a strongly-worded statement.

“The support I received towards my public statement on FAS was overwhelming. We now see more things unravelling, which indicates the matter requires a long-term solution. Everyone supports the fact that FAS need a new team of competent people who will drive the revamp efforts forward.

“Tuanku Sultan and myself are concerned that the discussion of wholesome change will only be hot air instead of real progress. The Tuanku Sultan, with many years of wisdom being involved with FAS together with me ... wishes to see these changes.

“Tuanku Sultan and myself see football as one of the biggest uniting factors for our community. When fans from all background, race and income group come to the stadium, it gives us great satisfaction. It is an integral time for FAS to repair their fracture and to realise the true potential of the organisation.

“The upcoming EGM is a chance for them to do the brave and honourable decision and facilitate this transition so that the breakthrough will be achieved sooner rather than later.”

Here are seven points, which Tengku Amir believes are the initial steps needed to rejuvenate FAS and to forge towards greater heights:

• The president does not hold the position longer than two terms (each term 4 years). The president cannot be involved in politics and is not a public nuisance;

• The president must appoint four senior exco members and the secretary. The position must not be held by the same person for more than two terms consecutively;

• The exco appointed at the EGM must consists of at least 60% new faces. The exco must give their full commitment and dedication. Should set performance indicators and be prepared to work tirelessly;

• To revise the FAS statute. This includes providing executive powers to the president, having maximum terms in office, portfolio of the committees to be effective and bring positive developments towards football in the state;

• Transparency amongst affiliate members. Affiliate clubs under FAS should be active in order to vote. Affiliates to be more involved in development programmes and submit regular reports to FAS. The process needs to be transparent;

• Financial sustainability. The entire leadership in FAS needs to take responsibility and accountability for the organisation to be financially sustainable in the near future and not continuously rely on state government funding; and

• Focus more on development work. FAS should leverage on the affiliate clubs, community football competitions and other related bodies from the private and public sector in contributing to the development of grassroots, junior and youth football programmes.