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> Not right

Calls to change cars after 12 years is not right. Can the Govt remove all duties and taxes on new cars? – Retired poor man

Age of a car is not the issue. Most dangerous are the ‘nuts’ behind the steering wheel. Many cars above 12 years still in good condition.

Mimos report is inaccurate. I own three foreign-made cars more than 12 years old that can shame many three-year-old cars. Mimos can inspect my cars. – JS

The naive person who calls for 12- year-old cars to be changed does not think of the poor people. Even the US, such a rich country, permits cars over 25 years old.

Who wants to drive an old car if he can afford a new one? Not all seniors are rich people.

> Rate hike

FT Minister says wait for feedback before decision on assessment rates. What? Doesn’t he consider all the uproar made by KL residents now enough “feedback”? – Man

Such a big increase by DBKL is like daylight robbery. Have some empathy for the people. – DO

DBKL ups the assessment rates and asks us to write in to protest. For those who are illiterate, how to write? Where’s our Cheras MP? – Taman Cheras resident.

> Beef up security

Let’s not be in a state of denial. A man was killed and a woman kidnapped by foreign terrorists. We must beef up our security and track down the terrorists.

>Shame snatch thieves

Convicted snatch thieves must be jailed and caned. Publish name and photo of offender on front page of newspapers. – Layman

> Unrequited love

Don’t react violently to unrequitted love. Be patient, understanding and willing to part as friends. Perhaps, by doing so, you may regain her/his love. – Im

The policeman who shot at the girlfriend’s house should hang.

What happened to all the “SOP”, lack of enforcement? How can an auxiliary policeman carry a gun when off duty? – Murali Sundareson

> Good student

Get him a wheel chair please. Pity d friend. Good guys at Kuching Chung Hua students.

> Rogue taxi driver

Taxi driver from poor family should not rob people. He should be jailed for life.


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