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Lawyer jailed nine months, fined RM10,000 for threatening to kill another lawyer

Suayri being escorted by police

Suayri being escorted by police

PETALING JAYA: A criminal lawyer just became a criminal after he was convicted for making a death threat against a fellow lawyer.

A. Suayri, 56, was found guilty of uttering the threat to lawyer Datuk Suraj Singh during a Selangor Bar event at the Lake View Club in Subang Jaya, Selangor at 11.35pm on May 24, 2014.

Magistrate Mohd Azali Ibrahim ruled that the defence had failed to raise reasonable doubt and sentenced him to nine months' prison and a RM10,000 fine.

Suayri's counsel Liow Boon Lee asked for the sentence to be stayed pending appeal as he had many clients depending on him.

Suayri risks being disbarred if he is jailed or fined.

DPP N. Sivashangari argued that it was unreasonable to stay the sentence on such a reason, as the accused knew that his sentencing was Friday and should have put his affairs in order beforehand.

The court stayed the sentence, but imposed additional conditions that a notice of appeal be filed immediately and the accused's bail raised from RM1,500 to RM5,000.

Suayri, who was seen leaving the courtroom in handcuffs, paid his bail.

Met outside the court, Suraj said he was happy to have the matter behind him, as the case had been ongoing since 2015.

Eight witnesses took the stand in the prosecution's case including the complainant Suraj, who has been an Elvis impersonator performing in shows for more than two decades.


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