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Kelantan palace riled by fake Datukships

KOTA BARU: Two recent cases involving fake Datukships in Kelantan have riled up the state palace which says it will brook no such nonsense.

In the first case, a woman took out a full-page advertisement in a Chinese daily, publicising a “Dato’ D’Raja” title she received from “His Highness Tunku Iskandar” of Kelantan. The palace has confirmed that there was no such state award.

In another case, a picture of a fake ceremonial function hosted by an association in a hotel on March 3, with invitees wearing uniforms and sashes similar to those receiving Datukships, went viral.

State Legal Adviser Datuk Shahidani Abd Aziz clarified that Kelantan did not bestow any “Dato’ D’Raja” title.

He warned that those involved in Datukship scams would be charged in court.

Shahidani was responding to the advertisement announcement of a “Dato’ D’Raja” title bestowed upon geomancer Chong Sok Yon by one “Tunku Iskandar”.

According to the Kelantan Enactment A54 Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) 2015, only the Kelantan Ruler has the power to bestow titles.

State Secretariat official Azhar Hassan said Sultan Muhammad V had assented to the new ruling to impose stiff penalties, including a RM50,000 fine and up to three years in jail, upon conviction.

He said it was also against state law to display unrecognised titles on one’s body and vehicles, and to give any form of inducement in order to acquire titles.

“No one can use titles, awards and emblems that are not bestowed by Tuanku,” Azhar reminded.

Those convicted of using bogus titles and emblems face a RM10,000 fine or jail of not more than three years. Under Section 5C of the Enactment, those requesting, accepting and bribing to acquire fake titles are also liable to similar punishment if convicted.

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