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Chew: Make 'Malaysia' the FFM yardstick

  • Nation
  • Tuesday, 9 Aug 2016

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia should be the yardstick and core consideration of the Malaysia Film Festival (FFM), said MCA vice-president Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun.

“Since it is being named as ‘Malaysia Film Festival’ then rightfully ‘Malaysia’ should be the yardstick and core consideration or else it should be known as ‘Malay Film Festival’. This shows that the policy under which only local Malay films are being promoted from the very beginning is wrong,” said Chew in a press release on Tuesday.

The MCA Malaysian Chinese Culture & Arts Consultative Council Chairman added that films produced or shot by Malaysians must not be disregarded.

“Malaysia being a multi-racial nation means that any films shot or produced by her citizens must not be disregarded, reason being the culture and language of any Malaysian, be it Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Nyonya or other ethnic communities have all been influenced by, and blended with local elements, making it a distinctive Malaysian culture,” said Chew.

She added that the Ministry of Multimedia and Communication should immediately instruct the Malaysia Film Producers Association (PFM) to amend the relevant rules and regulations

“Any script-writing or cinematography cannot run away from being influenced by the author’s background and upbringing. A film does not only portray the outlook of a nation or society, but helps to elevate the nation’s international reputation and brings positive impacts to the tourism industry as well. Diversity is not found elsewhere, it is unique to us and to our advantage. As such, by opening up for films of other languages, PFM could play its part in helping to showcase Malaysia’s diversity,” said Chew.

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