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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pupil forced to perform oral sex

MALACCA: An eight-year-old boy was allegedly forced to perform oral sex by his classmate in front of four others in a toilet at a Sabak Bernam school.

The boy’s mother claimed that during the 12.20pm incident on Aug 13, her son was made to perform the act as punishment for asking his classmate how he had sneaked a toy gun into the school.

“My son is traumatised and has refused to go to school since the incident.

“He complained to me that the same classmate often bullied him, including forcing him to look at unsavoury materials,” she said, adding that she reported the matter to a teacher at 2pm on the day of the incident.

The teacher, she said, called in the four pupils who witnessed the incident.

“All of them admitted that the act had taken place,” she said.

“A day later, I met the school’s Parent-Teacher Association deputy chairman and was told that the principal had contacted the parents of the other boys involved.

“She also told me that based on feedback from all the five boys, my son and his classmate were ‘romantically linked’ and there was no coercion,” she added.

“I just couldn’t believe such a statement.”

She said the school was now accusing her of being a “troublemaker” as she continued to demand that action be taken against the perpetrators.

Unable to stand the school’s inaction, the mother lodged a report at the Sabak Bernam police station.

Malacca Action Group for Parents in Education (Magpie) chairman Mak Chee Kin urged both the Women, Family and Communi­ty Development Ministry and the Education Ministry to look into the case.

“I saw a copy of the police report,” Mak said.

“The school should not just brush off a mother’s complaint without carrying out a thorough investigation first.”

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