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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Dr Mahmud absent from teaching centre he co-founded

KUALA LUMPUR: Local varsity lecturer Dr Mahmud Ahmad, wanted by the police for alleged connection to terror groups, has not shown up at the Quranic teaching and training centre that he co-founded since the start of the year.

The Open Tahfiz Centre, as it is known, was started by Mahmud and his associate Ustaz Mohd Zamri Mohd Zainuldin in 2011 and teaches Quran recital and Islamic knowledge to students of all ages.

However, a teacher at the centre told The Star that Mahmud and Zamri were rarely seen, with administrative duties being carried out mostly by the teaching staff.

“Dr Mahmud is rarely here, sometimes we will see him once every two to three months and even then, he would not stay for long. Since February this year, he has not shown up at the centre at all,” said Ustaz Muizuddin Ahmad, who is currently running the centre.

The centre operates on weekdays from 9am to 4.30pm, and currently has 50 students and five full-time staff.

Muizzuddin said Mahmud was never a teacher at the centre as he and Zamri only helped in its formation.

“Ustaz Zamri has stopped being involved in the centre for a long time while Ustaz Mahmud has not really been present since 2012.

Checks on the centre’s Facebook page revealed pictures of Mahmud at an event conducted in December.

Muizzuddin, who has been teaching at the centre since 2012, described Mahmud as a friendly and polite person from their brief encounters in the past.

“He treated everyone like an old friend. I never sensed any change in him and there was never any indication that he was involved in subversive activities,” added the teacher.

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