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Monday, 26 May 2014 | MYT 5:22 PM

A rescue he will long remember

Pictures showing L/KPL Munir rescuing the kitten

Pictures showing L/KPL Munir rescuing the kitten

PETALING JAYA: The actions of a policeman who went out of his way to save a kitten touched the hearts of netizens and pictures of his kind-hearted deed have spread like wildfire.

L/Kpl Munir Mansor, from the Pagoh police department, Johor, found the kitten trapped in a drain while taking a short break from patrolling around Taman Pagoh Indah on Friday.

He said he was with the chief of the Pagoh station when the latter heard "meowing sounds."

"When we looked around, we saw a mother cat crying out near a drain,” he said, adding that the kitten could have fallen in the drain.

They found an opening to the drain and L/Kpl Munir went inside but the narrow entrance and shallow drain forced him to crawl to reach the trapped kitten.  

“I saw the kitten and felt sorry for it. I thought I should help it as we are creations of God,” he told Staronline. 

The kitten is now reunited with the mother, recuperating from its cat-astrophic adventure, and under the care of the owners of a nearby restaurant.

The staff at Pagoh police station plan to adopt the kitten and its mother. They have yet to decide on a name though.

At press time, the mother cat could not be reached for comment. As most cats do, she would be wandering around the neighbourhood.

The pictures, posted on the official Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) Facebook page, had garnered thousands of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ in a matter of days.


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