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Thursday, 22 May 2014

28 CCTV cameras to keep close watch over Fu Wa and Feng Yi

AMPANG: Twenty-eight CCTV ­cameras are keeping a close eye on the two giant pandas at the Giant Panda Conservation and Exhibition Centre here.

The cameras have been installed inside and outside the building.

However, Zoo Negara administration director Shahril Shariff said these cameras were still inadequate.

“We need to have a wider range of capabilities and add in extra features.

“This is because through some of these cameras, we cannot really see the features of the pandas under bright sunlight,” he said in an interview at the zoo here.

The improvements, said Shahril, would beef up the internal security in the area.

Both the enclosure and individual cages in the centre where the two pandas will spend most of their time are air-conditioned with the temperature set at 18°C.

The temperature, said the ­manage­ment, would be maintained at between 15°C and 22°C throughout the pandas’ stay.

Dozens of blowers have also been placed around the enclosure to keep the pandas cool.

The zoo, said Shahril, planned to provide live feed of the pandas in their enclosure on giant screens placed at strategic areas so all visitors could view the animals.

“We actually planned to do this (live feed) about five years ago but it did not materialise. Hopefully with the Government’s backing, we can make it happen this time,” he added.

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