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Monday, 17 March 2014

Missing MH370: 'Pilots trained for water landings'

PETALING JAYA: Pilots are trained to do emergency landings on water but such tasks are arduous and require a great deal of practice, say experts.

Mystery of MH370

An instructor with 23 years of flying experience said all pilots were trained to do such landings via the simulator but there was a prescribed procedure to follow.

“You will have to try to land along the swells to minimise damage.

“It’s no easy task, even for the best of pilots,” said the instructor, who wants to remain anonymous.

He said a plane could be landed anywhere provided that there was a flat area with a firm surface. “On water, it is best to land on calm waters,” he said. “But we cannot control that element.”

He said the general practice for pilots during uncontrollable situations, such as fire, was to land the plane anywhere.

“Even if we have to land it on a highway, we would do it to minimise catastrophe,” he said.

Another pilot, with 13 years of experience, said in situations where there was a prepared emergency, there would be a checklist to follow before such a landing.

“The cabin crew members would be informed, passengers would be briefed and they would then be assisted by the crew,” he said.

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