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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Netizens rally to save daycare centre

PETALING JAYA: Following news that a daycare centre for children and adults with disabilities in Petaling Jaya is facing threat of eviction, netizens have launched several online petitions to stand up for the disabled and help those who cannot help themselves.

The petitions are on the change.org and gopetition.com, with 600 people already signing the former as at 5pm yesterday since it was launched on Thursday.

“There has been public outcry over the act of one particular neighbour to try to shut down the daycare centre for disabled children, citing among others, that their presence are likely to devalue their property and regarding them as nuisance.

The Star Online had reported on Wednesday that the Bangsa Ria Centre is facing eviction after neighbours filed a judicial review application to quash the planning permission granted by the Petaling Jaya City Council allowing the premises to be used as a daycare centre.

They also sought a court order restraining the owner from using the house as a daycare centre, or for any other use except as a dwelling.

On Tuesday, the Shah Alam High Court set March 21 to decide on whether the centre can continue operations at its current premises at No. 40, Jalan 12/14, Petaling Jaya.

In submissions on Wednesday before High Court Justice Vernon Ong, counsel for the applicants V. Jeya Kumar said the provisions of the National Land Code must be followed by the respondents, namely the MBPJ and the owner of the premises, Ramesh Sivaraj.

Jeya Kumar, who read from a Statement of Judicial Review to illustrate the background of the case, added that the respondents who lived in a “quiet residential area” had suffered nuisance “by reason of the unlawful conduct of the applicants”.

“The applicants have suffered nuisance throughout the day from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, as a result of intolerable noise made by the special children as well as their attendants and carers.

“(The applicants have suffered) nuisance of experiencing the uncomfortable sensation of seeing the disabilities and sufferings of all the special children, the whole day, day in day out,” said Jeya Kumar.

Chairman of the centre Saras Manickam said that since the case was initiated, they were uneasy and had lost their peace of mind.

“Where are we going to go? We can’t afford to move at our whim or fancy. Our existence is at stake.

“Parents leave their kids here knowing they can be happy and safe. It is a happy place for them. These kids don’t have much else in their lives,” she said.

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