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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Phone rings in good tidings for duo threatened by tiger attack

A VILLAGER from Baihar, Jabalpur in Maharashtra, located in the northern part of India has his cellphone to thank as it saved him from being mauled by a tiger, reported Tamil Nesan.

Cattle owner Beniram Rangdale, 50, left for the forest on Wednesday when his worker, Radheylal, reported that a bull had gone missing.

The duo then noticed movement in the bushes at the end of a clearing and to their horror, a tiger leapt out of the vegetation.

They ran up a tree and quickly sought refuge there. The tiger proved to be a patient one, as she waited at the bottom with her two cubs.

Just when the men thought they were at a loss, Beniram’s phone, that was in his pocket, beeped. He quickly sent several short messages for help.

Soon, the entire village came to the rescue armed with drums, batons and torches. The commotion scared off the tiger and her cubs, and the duo descended safely.

Five days later, Beniram’s cellphone was placed in his home’s prayer room, along with the statues of several deities.

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