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Friday, 17 January 2014 | MYT 3:24 PM

Duo apologise to teacher over tudung incident

KOTA TINGGI: The management board of SJKC Nan Ya made a public apology to the Muslim convert teacher who was told to take off her 'tudung (headscarf) to continue teaching at the school.

Its chairman, Phang Ah Ngang, 72, together with the school's principal, Chiew Swee Tuan, made the apology to the 25-year-old teacher at the Dewan Terbuka Kampung Johor Lama here.

It was done in the presence of Kota Tinggi police chief Supt Rahmat Othman, head of Mukim Johor Lama Mohd Nazri Kasmin and Kota Tinggi Education deputy officer Mohamad Fadil Ishak.

Phang, in a statement, said he sincerely apologised to the teacher and the Muslim community in Kampung Teluk Sengat in particular, and in Malaysia in general.

 "I hope the issue is now solved and we can continue living in harmony in the concept of 1Malaysia," said Phang who later shook hand with the teacher as a gesture of apology.

Chiew said as the school's principal, he understood the sensitivity of the issue and that that it was religiously compulsory for a Muslim woman to wear a headscarf.

"As a school principal, I promise to have more respect for Islam and our Muslim teachers and students, regardless of their race.

"As a public servant, I also promise, without doubt, to adhere to all regulations stated in the General Orders and to manage school affairs in a more proper and careful manners.

 "I apologise for all emotional distress caused by our misunderstandings and unreasonable arguments," he said.

The teacher concerned, on the other hand, said she accepted the public apology and prepared to put it all behind and to focus on her career.

"I accepted the apology with an open heart and I do hope that the issue will not be further sensationalised as it is clearly a sensitive issue," she said.

Supt Rahmat said police had completed the investigation on the case and would submit their report to the deputy public prosecution's office for further action.

 "We hope the case is solved now, but since the complainant has yet to withdraw the report, the case is still ongoing," he said, adding that the case was investigated under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions. - Bernama

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