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Stepping to a great future

Divyaasiny is now a student at University College London.

Divyaasiny is now a student at University College London.

CAMBRIDGE A Levels at Taylor’s College opens up a broad variety of university options ranging from the world’s top universities abroad to local institutions.

Being one of the more popular pre-university programmes out in the market, the Cambridge A Levels programme at Taylor’s College is said to focus not only on academic rigours but on helping students develop independent and collaborative learning skills in addition to necessary research skills.

But just how much a role does A Levels play in helping pre-university students grow their potential?

Here are the real stories of former Taylor’s College A Level students who have gone on to study abroad.

Aiming for the top

Alicia Leong Kar Yan is an Engineering Science student in St. Catherine’s College in the University of Oxford.

Leong, a former student of SMK Bukit Jelutong, is an alumna of Taylor’s College where she was enrolled in the Cambridge A Levels programme from July 2014 to June 2016 at the Taylor’s College Subang Jaya Campus.

Alicia graduated with 4As and is seen here receiving the June 2016 Cambridge A Level Examinations Award from Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas campus director Anandakumaresh Ratnasingam.

While in college, Leong participated in both academic and co-curricular activities. She was a member of the Welfare and Charity Keen Youths’ Society where she served as the organising chairperson and event director. It was during these activities that Leong took on roles and responsibilities that helped her improve her skills.

“It developed my leadership skills and my confidence, which is essential for university,” she said.

The environment at Taylor’s College, along with the deliberate student-focused learning methodologies prepared Leong for Oxford’s competitive environment.

“Being around a group of people who are smarter and who are doing things, besides studying drives you to push yourself harder.”

Getting into Oxford wasn’t easy, but Taylor’s College University Placement Services was a helpful resource for Leong.

The centre offered services ranging from reviewing personal statements to mock interviews where students would get feedback in preparation for university applications.

Ultimately, Leong is grateful for her experience at Taylor’s College and the guidance that she received.

Spreading her wings

As an only child, Divyaasiny, also known as Divyaa, had wanted for naught - her parents pampered her as she grew up.

It was during her A Levels programme in Taylor’s College when she began to spread her wings and seek independence. She saw it as an opportunity to explore new experiences, discover herself and learn to be self-reliant.

While at college, Divyaa made sure to participate in co-curricular activities besides focusing on academics. She was a member of the Cycling Club and the Taylor’s College Indian Cultural Society.

Divyaa (third from left) with some members of the Taylor’s College Indian Cultural

“One of the most notable events I participated in was the Inter-Varsity Dance Competition where I was the vice organising chairperson. I learned a lot about improving my communication, leadership and other soft skills,” she added.

When the time finally came for her to apply to universities abroad, her parents began to worry. Studying abroad meant moving several thousand miles away from home.

“I’m the first from my family to further my studies in the UK, and that was quite nerve-racking for my parents,” she said.

To ease their worries, Divyaa brought them along to Taylor’s College University Placement Services where their worries were quickly put to rest. The placement centre was very helpful with her applications.

Divyaa is now an economics student at University College London. “It’s important to remember not to be shy about any new opportunities,” she said.

Finding her voice

Bubbly Tek Pei Yee is full of excitement as she gushes about the University of Melbourne.

She now confidently converses in English, but recalls it was different when she first started college.

“I speak Chinese at home, but in college, the students and lecturers speak English, so I was very shy and reserved. I didn’t have the courage to ask questions during the lectures,” she said.

However, she received encouragement from her classmates and lecturers that were great morale boosters. One of her fondest memories from Taylor’s College are of her lecturers.

Tek is now a Psychology student at the University of Melbourne.

“They were very willing to give us extra consulting sessions. So I could ask questions that I didn’t get to ask during the lectures,” she said.

Taylor’s College offers four pre-university programmes — Cambridge A Levels, South Australian Matriculation/SACE International, Canadian Pre-University and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme – for students who wish to study abroad. With 48 years in the field, Taylor’s College aims to be the doorway to world education for students.

Taylor’s College Cambridge A Levels boasts an impressive record of 3,274 students scoring 3As or more to date, and a record total of 14,185 As achieved in Malaysia (2011-2016).

Taylor’s College Subang Jaya and Sri Hartamas are open from Monday – Saturday, 10am - 5pm (except pre-public holiday weekends). For more information, drop by their office.

This article is brought to you by Taylor’s College.

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