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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Only 15 but off to uni

FROM a young age, Chanan Loh Zhuo Ern would scramble his Rubik Cube, empty the entire bath tub only to refill it again and take apart his toy trains.

These are just some of his ways of learning the concept of cause and effect.

Today at 15, Chanan is making headway as the youngest student to be accepted into University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering’s (UniMy) computing and engineering foundation programme.

Despite being home schooled, he passed the rigorous entry requirements set by UniMy’s partner, the University of Melbourne’s School of Engineering and scored a full scholarship from Yayasan UniMy.

Although a quiet child, Chanan is curious and has a tendency to experiment. His hobby is fixing old phones and selling them to his father and friends for extra income.

His mother Leong Foon Luen explained that Chanan used to sit in with his eldest brother while he did his O-Levels and managed to complete the coursework in tandem.

He eventually found his element in computer science and enrolled at UniMy.

Lecturer and programme coordinator Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad said: “Chanan has prepared himself well in advance for this field of study by having a curious mindset and the love of learning and exploring concepts in science and experiments.”

He added that Chanan interacts well with his peers who are older and they have looked past the age difference and accepted him for who he is.

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