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Murder masterminds back in Pyongyang

KUALA LUMPUR: Four suspects being hunted by Bukit Aman in the assassination of North Korean exile Kim Jong-nam are believed to be back in Pyongyang after leaving the country for Jakarta immediately after the attack.


30 evacuated after thermometer breaks

Man in white: A Hazmat team member getting ready to clean up the mercury spill at the cardiology ward in Penang Hospital.

GEORGE TOWN: Some 20 patients and 10 nurses were evacuated after a thermometer filled with mercury broke at the Penang Hospital’s cardiology ward.

PM: Good EPF payout despite challenges

PETALING JAYA: The Employees Provident Fund declared a good dividend despite challenging economic conditions, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.


Bare cheek as Japan men strip off for naked festival

In this picture taken on February 18, 2017, Buddhist priests attend a prayer session inside Saidaiji temple during the annual Naked Man Festival or 'Hadaka Matsuri' in Okayama, western Japan. -AFP

OKAYAMA: With only a skimpy loincloth to protect their modesty, thousands of men brave freezing temperatures to fight for lucky charms thrown by a priest at Japan’s annual Naked Man Festival.

Indian court bars student doctors over cheating

NEW DELHI: India’s highest court Monday barred hundreds of students from becoming doctors after they were caught paying bribes and cheating on exams to gain admission into prestigious medical schools.


Parts of South Sudan suffering famine - government official

JUBA (Reuters) - Parts of war-ravaged South Sudan are suffering famine, a government official said on Monday, adding nearly half the country's population would lack reliable access to affordable food by July.

Russian envoy to U.N., Vitaly Churkin, dies in New York - foreign ministry

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, has died in New York, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.


New Zealand part of sunken ‘lost continent’

WELLINGTON: New Zealand sits atop a previously unknown continent -- mostly submerged beneath the South Pacific -- that should be recognised with the name Zealandia, scientists said Friday.


The impact of small class sizes

Jia Jie teaching Chinese calligraphy to the schools only pupil, Thomas.

Low enrolment schools will not be closed although the Education Ministry is looking at merging some classrooms to help manage costs if relocation is not an option.

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