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Bad behaviour on the road

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  • Friday, 17 Feb 2017

TRAFFIC jams are common in big cities and towns, but some can be avoided if road users are more courteous and abide by the law.

Among other things, motorists tend to cause obstruction by driving into and staying in the yellow box while waiting for the lights to turn green.

This is a very common occurrence on city roads, and shows that offenders have no respect for the law. It also shows that they do not have civic consciousness or good behaviour.

The question to ask of these unreasonable motorists is how much of an advantage they gain by clogging up the yellow box?

Inching into the yellow box when the traffic lights have already turned amber shows a lack of patience, even selfishness.

It could also cause accidents, as happened last month when a locomotive hit the back of a car that had stopped in the yellow box at a railway crossing in Port Klang.

I believe it is time for the enforcement division of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and other relevant authorities to act against such unreasonable people.

It is high time that more enforcement action be taken since educational campaigns do not seem to make our road users more courteous and respectful of traffic laws.

I also support DBKL’s move not to offer discounted rates for summons for those who stop in yellow boxes, along with such serious offences as beating the red light.


Kuala Lumpur

Central Region , letter to editor