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MPSJ: Piling up of waste due to transition to new rubbish contractors

Domestic waste and other garbage have gone uncollected for more than a week in Putra Heights.

Domestic waste and other garbage have gone uncollected for more than a week in Putra Heights.

SEVERAL areas in Subang Jaya have not had their rubbish cleared for more than a week.

Areas such as USJ 3, SS18, Seri Serdang and Jalan Putra Mahkota in Putra Heights have piles of domestic and bulk waste accumulating at the corners of their streets.

Laman Putra Residents Association president Adrian Looi said Laman Putra Section 7 only had its rubbish collected once since the new year.

“It has been five days since the last collection. Maggots have started to hatch over the last few days.

“More residents have begun to throw their domestic garbage by the side of the road, since it has been more than a week since the last collection.

“However, now the contractor says that rubbish by the roadsides are not under his purview,” he said.

Subang Jaya Municipal Council president Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan said the lapses in the rubbish collection schedule were due to the transition process from the old contractors to the new ones.

“The new contractors were selected via an open tender in September last year and their contract will expire in 2018.

The previous contractors’ service, which were awarded in 2012, ended on Dec 31 last year.

“Since the takeover, the new contractors have been facing challenges in dealing with the backlog of rubbish that was left over by the previous contractor.

“The new contractors are also not well versed with the areas they are covering and need time to organise their logistics accordingly.

“They are now working round the clock to resolve these problems, but I anticipate that it will take at least another month or two for things to run smoothly,” he said at a press conference yesterday.

A total of 33 contractors for waste collection and another 50 contractors for cleaning works were appointed by the council.

Asked why were the old contractors not retained, Nor Hisham said the new contractors were appointed to maintain transparency.

“We want to ensure the integrity of the council and make sure there is improvement in the service.

“I was quite satisfied with the last contractor but I felt there was still room for better service and the open tender system gives new contractors a chance to apply as well.

“After the current contract expires at the end of 2018, we are planning to manage around one-third of the areas, while allocating the rest to private companies via open tender.

“This is to create competition between the council and the contractors and to urge them to improve their efficiency.

“For now, if any resident is asked to pay money for waste collection by any of the contractors, they should report to us and we will take the matter to the police,” he said.

The timetable for rubbish collection is available on MPSJ’s website, which stipulates that waste collection service for commercial areas in Subang Jaya is daily, while it is three times a week for residential areas.

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said residents should be patient as there would surely be teething problems.

“If the garbage collectors miss your area, residents should notify their resident associations or lane leaders.

“MPSJ has also sent backup contractors to fix this problem, but it will take some time for the backlog to clear.

Complaints and enquiries regarding waste collection services or cleaning works can be made by contacting the MPSJ Call Centre at 03-80247700 or email

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