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Liquid or gas: How do you like your cocktail?

Vapshot Mini brings controversial trend of inhaling alcohol into the home.

Downing cocktails is no longer fashionable in some circles – many of today’s bright young things prefer to inhale them.

Watch your drink go up in steam with the Vapshot.

Taking your booze in vapour form has been a steadily growing – if controversial – trend in certain bars for some time now, but a new invention is bringing the practice into American homes.

Vapshot Mini is a miniature portable machine which vapourises your drinks, allowing the alcohol to be inhaled directly into the respiratory system.

Users simply put their liquor of choice into the machine, inject it into the serving bottle and pop the cap to see their beverage go up in steam.

The booze is then inhaled with a straw to kickstart the buzz.

The brand already had a commercial version of the Vapshot for bars and clubs but has just unveiled its domestic model.

It follows last year’s release of Vaportini, a slightly more rudimentary take on the concept.

However experts have been quick to point out the potential dangers of inhaling alcohol rather than drinking it the traditional way.

“You are getting that immediate high, and that’s the dangerous part,” Kirsten Hawkins, chief of adolescent medicine at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, told the Daily Mail last year.

“You are not realising how much you are getting.”

Vapshot Mini is available from US$699 to US$899 (RM2,215-RM2,852). – AFP Relaxnews

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