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Some websites offer cheap USB sticks with a large amount of data storage, but such offers should be viewed with suspicion. — AFP Relaxnews

Beware of cheap USB sticks with high storage capacity

In online shops, you'll sometimes find offers that look too good to be true - very inexpensive USB sticks offering a large amount of data storage of one terabyte or more, for example.

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Paytm, which leads the crowded e-wallet space in India, currently has more than 225 million users. — Reuters

Paytm aims to sell gold worth US$200mil this year

21 July 2017

Paytm plans to sell five tonnes of gold valued around US$200mil (RM930.7mil) this year, the digital payments firm said, as it strives to develop a viable business from its e-wallet platform.

The telecoms firms can filter and censor online access at a more granular level, in the home and on smartphones. — Reuters

Amid VPN crackdown, China eyes upgrades to Great Firewall

21 July 2017

A Chinese telecoms carrier said it had begun closing virtual private networks (VPNs) and other tools that can bypass the so-called Great Firewall, which state authorities use to filter and block traffic between Chinese and overseas servers.

Ma, who founded the Hangzhou-based e-commerce firm, said he would consider investing in Kenya. — Reuters

Alibaba's revenue to jump 45% to 48% this year: executive chairman

21 July 2017

China's Alibaba expects its revenue to expand by 45% to 48% in its fiscal year from April as more small businesses join its online community in search of sales.

The Street View image showing the interior of the Cupola Observation Module. — Google

To infinity and beyond – Google maps the ISS

21 July 2017

Explore the International Space Station with Google Street View.

Widespread concern and confusion about the possible cyber working group reflects the Trump administration’s struggles to articulate a clear approach to international cybersecurity issues. — Reuters

Moscow in talks with US to create cyber working group

21 July 2017

Moscow and Washington are in talks to create a joint cybersecurity working group.

 Qualcomm sued Apple on separate allegations that Apple infringed six patents around making iPhones work better without draining the battery. — Reuters

Tech group sides with Apple in Qualcomm's iPhone ban dispute

21 July 2017

A group representing major technology companies has aligned itself against Qualcomm Inc in its legal dispute with Apple Inc by calling on regulators to reject Qualcomm's bid to ban the import of iPhones.

The AlphaBay site accused of allowing hundreds of thousands of people to buy and sell drugs, firearms, computer hacking tools and other illicit goods. — Reuters

US Justice Department shuts down dark web bazaar AlphaBay

21 July 2017

The US Justice Department said it had shut down the dark web marketplace AlphaBay, working with international partners to knock offline the site accused of allowing a global trade in drugs, firearms, computer hacking tools and other illicit goods.

Can Google, planning big San Jose campus, prevent traffic, housing woes?

21 July 2017

The potential downsides to Google's planned campus in the heart of downtown check all the boxes on the list of Bay Area horrors: escalating traffic, overburdened transit systems, skyrocketing housing costs, displacement of lower-income people.

Users who download the app will receive a notification when in proximity of a Gucci Place. — AFP Relaxnews

Gucci launches mobile travel app

21 July 2017

After French fashion house Louis Vuitton, luxury Italian brand Gucci is expanding into travel, with a new app which will highlight destinations that hold a special connection to the brand.

This app tells you when you’re depressed. Who else does it tell?

21 July 2017

A Facebook message pops up on my phone screen. “What’s going on in your world?” It’s from a robot named Woebot, the brainchild of Stanford University psychologist Alison Darcy.

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