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Working hard is the only way to make money

YEARS ago, one of my dealers went to a resort for holiday and won a big sum of money on that trip.

He and his wife went back regularly and neglected his business.

The good business turned bad because of their negligence. He told his friends that it was easy to make money by gambling and that one did not necessarily have to work hard to make money.

In a year he lost a lot of money and when he did not pay his suppliers they took legal action. He and his wife ran away to another country.

One of my friends’ relatives who was not a gambling addict won a large sum of money in the 4-digit lottery one day after he bought the number he saw in a dream. He got carried away and began buying numbers regularly and in big amounts. In less than six months he lost everything he won and was heavily in debt to loan sharks.

He ran away, leaving his family to be harassed by the loan sharks. It’s been 20 years and he is still afraid to come home.

There is no easy way to make money; just work hard and invest your savings intelligently.


Subang Jaya