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Kota Mas members reject MCC's takeover

Azmi (in black jacket) at the press conference on Friday.

Azmi (in black jacket) at the press conference on Friday.

KUALA LUMPUR: Members of Koperasi Telekom Malaysia (Kota Mas) have demanded that the Malaysia Cooperative Commission (MCC) return management rights to them.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Azmi Mahmud Ramli, a spokesman for Kota Mas, said that the MCC should not have taken over the management of the cooperative as members were not agreeable to the move.

He claimed that since MCC took over on April 19, there have been no improvements to the cooperative, adding that members were unhappy with the appointment of Datuk Md Yusof Samsudin as the administrator of Kota Mas.

Azmi claimed he was speaking on behalf of the 17,000 Kota Mas members nationwide, however, only a handful of members showed up for the press conference.

He claimed that more than 200 members had signed a petition demanding for MCC to stay out of Kota Mas matters but was reluctant to allow the media to have a look at it.

Azmi said MCC should return the management power of the cooperative to the remaining 11 board of members of Kota Mas.

Kota Mas has a total of 15 board members. Four of them have been remanded by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for alleged graft.

"We have a total of 15 board members and though the four are not here, the remaining 11 are credible enough to manage the situation," he said.

MCC, when contacted, did not comment on the issue, and said it would release a statement on the matter soon.

The MCC took over the management of Kota Mas on Thursday.

Four officials of Kota Mas are being probed by the MACC for alleged fraud and abuse of power, resulting in losses amounting to RM23mil.

The suspects have also allegedly abused their positions by registering Kota Mas borrowers under a multi-level marketing company.

Due to this, hundreds of thousands of ringgit were said to have been pocketed as commissions.

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