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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Moderation is crucial, say celebs

Role models: (Clockwise) Kavita, Kuah, Lisa, and Thomson are finding ways to practice moderation in their day-to-day lives.

Role models: (Clockwise) Kavita, Kuah, Lisa, and Thomson are finding ways to practice moderation in their day-to-day lives.

PETALING JAYA: Celebrities in Malaysia are finding their ways to practise moderation and balanced reasoning.

Actress, model and producer Kavita Sidhu said the notion of respecting one another was first instilled in her as a child by her parents.

“If you mean having tolerance for each other, not being too extreme in your views, respecting each other’s cultural backgrounds and living life in harmony, then, yes, that is what moderation means to me,” she said.

Kavita also believes moderation is crucial in ensuring the country’s harmony.

“At this very moment in Malaysia, moderation is important to foster bonds between various faiths and communities. Plus, mutual respect is a key factor in maintaining peace and harmony.”

Kavita’s views are a reflection of The Star’s Brave Views, Bold Ideas campaign launched last Sunday to promote moderation in the country. The newspaper has pledged to keep discussions open, rational and moderate as it highlights the many liberal and balanced voices among Malaysians.

For comedian Kuah Jenhan, moderation means having a “wider perspective”.

“A comedian has to be able to relate to the audience. A lot of people look at locality, language or culture, but I always look at being human and living in the same lifetime,” said Kuah.

“I will share an experience or express my views on a matter and I know self-restraint comes from sharing and not imposing.”

Veteran music events manager Jennifer Thompson said she believes in #moderateMY.

“Even more so in this social media-age where it’s easy to say anything. So you need to understand the implications of what you say.”

She added: “Yes, we need to take sides and speak out but moderation and diplomacy never hurt anyone.”

Actress Lisa Surihani said she has always believed in the concept of moderation.

“I know the degree of balance and moderation differs from person to person, but in today’s landscape, especially where social media is concerned, it is really important to practise this.”

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