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Monday, 11 August 2014 | MYT 4:00 PM

Freak storm leaves trail of destruction in Perak

 A house in Taman Sentosa had its roof blown away by the storm.

A house in Taman Sentosa had its roof blown away by the storm.

SUNGAI SIPUT: A freak storm left a slew of disasters when it ripped through at least three residential areas here, affecting around 108 families. 

The turbulent winds and downpour ripped through the roofs of more than 40 houses, causing severe leakage, floods, and a blackout in Taman Sentosa. 

One even had a major portion of its zinc roof blown two rows of houses away by strong wind. 

Husband and wife K. Muniandy, 60, and A. Pushpum, 59, were relaxing inside their house when the storm struck at about 4.15pm on Sunday.

"My husband was sleeping when I heard the rain pouring, but we were both jolted awake by a deafening crash outside our house. 

"We came out and saw a large blue roof which landed right on our gate, obstructing our way," said homemaker Pushpum. 

Panicking, they could not do anything else, but wait for the rain to stop before inspecting the damage. 

"Thankfully, we could still open our front gate slightly, but we have to crawl our way out underneath the massive roof piece because it was too heavy for us to move it," she said, adding that fortunately, the interior of their house was intact. 

M. Sivacumy, 53, who lived at the front row of houses in the area, was relaxing outside her house with her son, daughter-in-law, and one-year-old granddaughter when the storm struck. 

"At first, we thought it was just a normal rain, but then the wind suddenly became so strong, that we feared that we would have been blown away.  

"We were holding onto the poles and screaming at the top of our lungs, before we ran back into the house to protect ourselves," she said, adding that it almost felt like a tornado hit the area.  

Little did she know that her house was not safe either when she heard a loud crashing sound behind, and she saw the entire roof of her wet kitchen had collapsed. 

"After the storm ended, I went to salvage my pots and pans, but with the whole kitchen gone, it is going to take a while before I can cook again. 

"Our mattresses are also drenched, and we have to put up at the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Hall for an indefinite period of time," Sivacumy said, adding that she had never seen a storm so violent during her 40 years of living here. 

Sivacumy's family was among 12 families who were forced to be evacuated to the municipal hall. 

The storm also destroyed the roof of the walkway of SM Tok Muda Abdul Wahab and the Jalong market here. 

Two electricity polls and trees nearby had also collapsed. 




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