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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Angry woman driver becomes cyber bullying victim

Furious rant: A video still showing Kiki hitting Sim's car with a steering lock.

Furious rant: A video still showing Kiki hitting Sim's car with a steering lock.

PETALING JAYA: A woman driver who turned road bully after a minor accident found herself becoming the victim of some vicious cyber bullying when her details were uploaded online,

During the minor accident, Siti Fairrah Ashykin, or fondly known as Kiki, screamed abuses and repeatedly hit the vehicle of the other driver with her steering lock, and demanded that he pay her RM2,000 on the spot for the purported damage he had caused to her brand-new car.

The furious ranting was allegedly over a minor dent – more like a scratch – on the rear of her white Peugeot that was allegedly caused by the elderly driver while attempting to leave a crowded car park.

However, her actions were recorded by another motorist and went viral almost immediately, with nasty comments against her.

Others used her car registration number to trace her and shame her online.

Faced with a torrent of abuse in social media, the woman said she had apologised after the incident to the elderly man.

“I couldn’t think at the time. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. It was a huge mistake,” she told The Star Online.

“After that incident on Monday, we went to the police station in Kuantan and settled things amicably.

“I calmed down and immediately apologised to the uncle. Knowing it was my mistake, I apologised to him many times.

“I even met his wife and hugged her. The uncle accepted my apology and told me not to do that anymore,” said the 30-year-old.

“Once the video went viral on Tuesday, I opted to remain silent at first. But since #CDM25 trended on Twitter and people started to abuse me, I can’t keep quiet.

“I made a mistake, whatever abuse that is being hurled at me ... I accept it because I made a terrible mistake.”

The senior motorist, identified later as Sim Siak Heong but mainly referred to as “uncle” on social media, stayed calm during the incident and was pleading that it had been accidental.

Facebook user Robin Sim, who claimed to be the victim’s son, posted a comment filled with four-letter words that he would take action against the driver although his father had said he had forgiven her.

The viral video even caught the attention of Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.

Khalid said the police would be investigating the matter as it had been classified as a road bullying incident.

“That’s not the way to handle things as you shouldn’t take the law into your own hands.

“It doesn’t matter whether or not the man has lodged a report with us.

“We will be lodging a report against her and action will be taken against her,” he said.

Telecommunications company DiGi, meanwhile, has offered to pay for all damages incurred by the senior Sim and even that of Kiki.

The offer, which was posted on the the company’s Facebook page, has been shared 850 times and received more than 1,530 likes within the first three hours.

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