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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Costly lesson from phony deal

Nur Syamimi and Kpl Nurazyati (below left) are relieved with the Consumer Claims Tribunal’s decision to grant them refunds.

Nur Syamimi and Kpl Nurazyati (below left) are relieved with the Consumer Claims Tribunal’s decision to grant them refunds.

JOHOR BARU: Undergraduate Nur Syamimi Abd Shukor learned a hard lesson after she was cheated into trading in her week-old Samsung Galaxy Note for a newer model via an online portal.

The 22-year-old bought the Galaxy Note online in January but realised that the smartphone was a fake set from South Korea.

“I was disappointed when the salesperson ignored my claims but my hopes were renewed when another online salesman, who claimed to be a friend of the former salesman, said he was willing to replace it.

“He promised to resell the Galaxy Note for me and replace it with a new original Samsung Galaxy Note II with an additional payment of just RM500,” she told reporters at the Consumer Claims Tribunal here yesterday.

Nur Syamimi added that the second salesman was so convincing that she decided to purchase another smartphone – a Lenovo S930 – for her friend.

Policewoman L/Kpl Nurazyati Aini Aziz, 27, shoowing the award for a full refund of RM2,939 issued by the Consumers Claims Tribunal for a faulty laptop at the Tribunal in Johor Baru on April 29,2014. 

“I posted the Galaxy Note smartphone to him and deposited the additional RM500 as well as another RM880 for the Lenovo in February, but since then he has been refusing to answer my calls or reply to my messages,” she said.

After the case was heard, tribunal president Bernard John Kanny ordered the salesman to make a full refund of RM2,100 including for the Samsung Galaxy Note to Nur Syamimi within 14 days.

The salesman was not present during the hearing.

In a separate case, the tribunal awarded L/Kpl Nurazyati Aini Aziz, 27, a refund of RM2,939 for a faulty laptop computer, which she had purchased from an electronic store in Bukit Indah here in July last year.

Kpl Nurazyati said after just a few weeks of use, the computer could not establish Internet connections consistently.

“I tried using the wireless Internet function at several places, including at high-speed Internet spots, but the computer would show ‘limited’ connection after a few minutes of usage.

“Despite sending it for repairs three times in August and September last year as well as January this year, the problem still persisted,” she said when met after her hearing.

Kpl Nurazyati expressed relief after receiving the award, saying that she needed a laptop computer for her online beauty product business as well as for her part-time studies.

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