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Saturday, 22 March 2014 | MYT 1:46 PM

Customer claims famous nasi kandar restaurant overcharges

KUALA LUMPUR: A Facebook post claiming Original Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurant overcharged its customers is being shared on social media, but the manager of the restaurant is denying the allegation.

According to the post by Jonathan Bong dated Mar 19, he was charged RM60 for a piece of squid and RM26 for a small plate of mutton.

The receipt that he posted also listed several other items amounting to RM312.10 including Nasi Briyani (RM48), two types of chicken priced at RM26 and RM10, Fried eggs (RM12), Nasi Kandar (RM12), Vegetables (RM24), and drinks priced at RM24.10.

“Folks beware. RM 60 for 1 piece of sotong (squid). RM 26 for a small plate of mutton curry (ordered 2).

“Don't ever go there. Just because I had some foreigners with me, got ripped off. Last time ever,” Bong posted on his page.

In the comment section, Bong indicated that he went to the restaurant with seven other people.

The restaurant’s manager, who only wanted to be known as Muhammad, however denied that they overcharged Bong as they have a fixed pricing system.

“We charge customers based on what they eat and the price is the same regardless of whether they are locals or foreigners.

“We are not allowed to charge any more or any less than what is listed by our boss,” he said when contacted by The Star.

Muhammad added that the person who posted the receipt was trying to be smart as the receipt did not state clearly how many plates of each item was bought.

“He is trying to be smart. Maybe some of the fault lies with our staff as he did not key in how many portions of each dish the customer took, but this is not fair,” he said.

He further explained that a piece of fried squid is big enough to serve up to five people and the other dishes were also of bigger portions meant to serve more than one person.

He also clarified that Bong took two pieces of squid and not one as indicated in the Facebook post. 

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