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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Court: Singer’s marriage is legal

THE marriage of 1980s singer and actor Raisuddin Hamzah is legal, the Kuala Lumpur Syariah High Court ruled. In passing the verdict, the court dismissed an application by the bride’s father to declare the 2007 marriage null and void, Berita Harian reported.

Raisuddin, 58, married Siti Fatimah Suberi, 27, in Songkhla, which raised doubt on whether it had been properly solemnised because the father, Suberi Abdullah, was absent to give away the bride during the ceremony.

Syarie judge Salehan Yatim said the couple had married in a location measured as more than two marhalah (more than 90km) from Sit Fatimah’s family home and because of this Suberi’s presence as wali (bride’s custodian) did not arise. He said it was suffice for the couple to chose a wali hakim (judicial custodian) for the ceremony.

“Furthermore, there was no evidence of coercion and Siti Fatimah, in her statement, had said she had married willingly,” added Salehan.

> Marrying at a young age and away from home was not all a bed of roses for Mohd Haniff Kasuan and Naddia Mod Azizis but they made it work.

They have been happily married for 15 years and have been blessed with three children, Berita Harian reported in its Famili section.

The couple met during a student programme in Irvine, California, and married at the Malay-sian students’ office in Chicago while studying at the Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana on Feb 14, 1999.

Both were just 20 but the marriage was not a stumbling block to the mechanical engineering student and his bride, who was studying business management.

“After our marriage, we lived together but continued to attend our respective classes, When we had the chance to go for a honeymoon, we went to Paris,” said Mohd Haniff, in the special report about young Malaysians getting married abroad.

He advised those intending to get married overseas to have the proper documents and to get their family’s permission, adding their marriage was solemnised by a qualified marriage counsellor from Malaysia who was recognised in the US.

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