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Friday, 7 March 2014

Nga is ignorant and rude especially to women, says Chew

PETALING JAYA: Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming should make himself a role model “if he thinks he is above women and maids”.

Describing Nga as ignorant and rude, Chew said: “He has no respect for people. Discriminating women and their contribution to the nation.”

She lambasted him over his Twitter remarks that she was “applying for a job as a maid” after Chew was seen holding a broom. Chew said she held a broom to sweep the grounds in a gotong-royong activity with Kajang folk in conjunction with Inter­national Women’s Day.

“I printed greeting cards featuring an image of an antique iron to acknowledge and praise the selfless contribution of women,” she said.

Her greeting card read: “Creases on clothes smoothen out not because of the brand of the iron, but the unconditional love and care that flows from the hand using the iron.”

Chew, who is MCA vice-president and Barisan Nasional candidate in the upcoming Kajang by-election, said she did not expect her heartfelt message to be “abused” by the Taiping MP, adding that Nga had resorted to using crude words to defame her and the party.

Nga, also Kepayang assemblyman, had tweeted in Chinese on Wed­nesday that Chew had “dressed up like a cleaner on the previous day and carried an iron the next day, making her look like she was applying for a job as a maid”.

Nga ridiculed her further by saying she had forgotten that the people wanted a legislator to speak up against injustice and national stability.

On the DAP leader calling her “fried vermicelli” (Mei Fun in Cantonese rhymes with mai fun, the Cantonese equivalent of vermicelli), Chew said she did not mind and had even introduced herself by that label.

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