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Monday, 3 February 2014

Churchgoers moved by gifts of flowers and oranges from Muslims

PETALING JAYA: Moderation won the day at the Holy Family Church in Kajang when a group of Muslims presented flowers, sweets and oranges to churchgoers just after Sunday morning mass.

The group of 10 approached Catholic parishioners who seemed pleasantly surprised with the gifts and words of peace.

The group also handed stalks of flowers to parish priests Rev Father George Harrison and Rev Father Bretaudeau Pierre.

The mandarin oranges were handed in conjunction with the Chinese New Year.

Father George said the church was touched and overwhelmed by the coming together of the Muslim and Christian communities in peace and goodwill.

“They came to spread the message that Islam is a religion of peace and that they practised what they preached.

“Our parishioners were touched. In my sermons over the past couple of weeks, I have been preaching on how important it is to build bridges and to teach our children not to hate but to be kind,” he said.

Father George said the group’s gesture would motivate Christians to go the extra mile and reciprocate in their own peaceful ways.

Last week, the priest held a tea-party to foster goodwill with religious leaders of other faiths. Yesterday’s gathering ended with all praying for peace and harmony.

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