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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Creative juices flow in class

AS English teachers, we want our students to think out of the box, be more creative and come up with their own ideas.

One of the requirements for the Form Four syllabus includes an oral component.

Instead of the usual presentations, I gave my students (Form 4 Cekal and Form 4 Amanah) the freedom to choose what they wanted to present and it was wonderful to see the hidden talents from this batch of students.

There were “chefs”, “actors”, “actresses” and “script writers” amongst them.

Many students chose to do cooking demonstrations, with Form 4 Cekal being the first class to come up with the idea.

Marks were given on how clear their diction was with each demonstration lasting about 20 minutes.

The best demonstration was from Noor Arina Sofea Talib who made pinwheel sandwiches. Everyone had a taste of the food which was gone within seconds.

Another delicious concoction was the fruit cocktail made by Haikal Shamsudin and Amirul Azmi.

Tiu Song Ni and Tew Lee Jia took great efforts to carve a fruit basket while Lim Leyi and Tew Yin Xin made Indian Rojak and Honeydew with Sago Pudding.

Yin Xin’s grandmother had taught her how to make the peanut sauce which was spicy but tasted “the best” to us.

Twins Henry Lim Kim Fook and Howard Lim Kim Ghui made spaghetti and mushroom soup which was duly slurped by everyone in class.

The most expensive dish was the fruit cocktail by Nor Syazana Mohd Shah and Nur Shuhadah Shuhor. There were 10 types of fruits and each student had a full cup to taste. The fruits were perfectly diced and quenched everyone’s thirst.

There were also creative dishes such as Murtabak Maggi Mee which was new to all of us.

Not everyone did cooking demonstrations though; one group did a PowerPoint presentation on Malay culture and traditions while another two groups did role plays.

The presentation on Malay culture was great and one of the students even brought along her mother’s wedding gown!

Both classes were given two weeks to prepare for the presentations: they bought ingredients, wrote their scripts, and prepared costumes and props for the drama.

Quek Fang Yi was a natural actress, delivering her lines correctly. Although the others were more nervous and took some time to act out their scenes, in the end, they all did well.

It was an excellent effort on everyone’s part as they learnt how to role-play, write scripts and do presentations.

Here’s to 2014 where I’m looking forward to more of such presentations.

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